The primary objective of the Doyon Associated, LLC (DAL) corporate quality policy is to ensure all work performed and all services delivered are in strict compliance with project specifications, applicable codes and standards, and government regulations.  DAL is committed to providing employees with a workplace that emphasizes high quality construction practices and continuous improvement of quality performance to ensure customer satisfaction. 


DAL’s Quality Management System provides a standard framework of requirements to control, evaluate, and improve the quality of products and services delivered.  This system includes multiple procedures and plans designed to address specific processes for inspection, surveillance, nonconformance, audits, corrective action, and records management.  An important component of implementing this system is providing employees with the proper resources, training, support, and equipment to carry out the performance of their tasks in a safe and environmentally responsible manner while delivering a quality product. 

DAL management demonstrates commitment to this quality philosophy by employing a full-time Corporate Quality Manager to develop and implement quality programs.  DAL management leads by example with active involvement in quality issues and a visible field presence.