Doyon Associated, LLC (DAL) believes the recruitment and retention of quality employees is crucial to the company’s objectives and continued success.  In accordance with corporate vision and values, DAL is dedicated to selecting the best employees, and takes pride in our commitment to Alaska resident and Alaska Native hire.  DAL’s corporate culture respects and supports employee diversity, provides a safe workplace free from discrimination and harassment, and promotes the economic and social well-being of all employees.

Staff Labor
DAL’s executive management is committed to the principles of the Project Management Institute, and provides ongoing education and training to staff personnel.  Information regarding employment opportunities is available on the Doyon, Limited website:

Craft Labor
DAL is signatory to the North Slope Petroleum Industry Maintenance and Construction Labor Agreement, the Mechanical Contractors Labor Agreement, and the Trans Alaska Pipeline Maintenance and Construction Agreement.  DAL enjoys a longstanding relationship with the local unions.  All craft positions are hired through the following labor unions:

Local 375, United Association (UA) of Plumbers & Pipefitters
3980 Boat Street
Fairbanks, AK  99709
(907) 479-6221 telephone
(907) 479-6227 facsimile

Local 302, Int’l Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)
3002 Lathrop Street
Fairbanks, AK  99701
(907) 452-8131 telephone
(907) 472-1434 facsimile

Local 942, Laborers Int’l Union of North America (LIUNA)
2740 Davis Road
Fairbanks, AK  99709
(907) 456-4584 telephone
(907) 452-6285 facsimile

Local 959, Int’l Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
751 Old Richardson Highway
Fairbanks, AK  99701
(907) 452-2959 telephone
(907) 452-5051 facsimile

Local 1547 Int’l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
2000 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK  99701
(907) 456-4248 telephone
(907) 456-4292 facsimile